maandag 30 maart 2009

Layered puding

♥ liquid (strawberry/ banana/ chocolate milk or drinkyoghurt)
♥ gelatine leaves or powder
# 10 gr powder gelatine corresponds to 6 leaves of leaf gelatine
## per ½ lt liquid: use 6 leaves gelatine or 10 gr powder gelatine

♥ soak the gelatine in cold water for around 5 minutes and let it swell for a few minutes
♥ for gelatine leaves: then remove the swollen leaf gelatine from the water and carefully squeeze it out
♥ dissolve the swollen (squeezed) gelatine in a little pan on a low heat
♥ stir a few tablespoons of the cold mixture into the dissolved gelatine and only then add the rest of the cold mixture, then mix everything thoroughly
# Important! Always add the cold mixture to the gelatine and not vice versa

Layered Pudding
♥ pour the pudding into a glass in layer
♥ serve it with vla/ vanilla sauce

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